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Grupa Azoty issues a warning against a fraud attempt
Grupa Azoty issues a warning against a fraud attempt
Grupa Azoty would like to warn its trading partners of fraudulent attemps to obtain payments. Scammers impersonating Grupa Azoty employees send a message notifying a change of bank account details and fake invoices to the company’s trading partners.

The scammers gain the trust of their victims by posing as the Grupa Azoty employees with whom electronic communications have previously been exchanged. To that end, they send email messages from domain addresses similar to those registered by Grupa Azoty. For instance, the sender’s address might contain instead of

Therefore, we request our trading partners to double check (read carefully) the email address of the sender of a message coming from a Grupa Azoty employee and pay attention to the quality and correctness of the documents attached to email messages (for example, by checking whether the bank account details are correct). If you have any doubts, please contact the relevant business unit in order to confirm the authenticity of an email message.