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The company’s core operations include provision of services to Grupa Azoty, in particular freight forwarding, loading and unloading services, commercial operations and railway track maintenance for Grupa Azoty’s on-site railway station.
Grupa Azoty Koltar sp. z o.o.’s services include:

  • licensed rail freight forwarding;
  • rail freight forwarding support for Grupa Azoty and external companies;
  • shunting services at Grupa Azoty sites and comprehensive rail marshalling support;
  • lease of cargo locomotives and rolling stock;
  • loading and unloading services.

Grupa Azoty Koltar sp. z o.o.’s maintenance and repair services include:

  • systematic and emergency repair and periodic inspection of cargo rolling stock and locomotives;
  • inspection and repair of tank wagons for the transport of RID class 3, 6.1 and 8 hazardous materials, confirmed through acceptance by the Transport Technical Supervision Inspector;
  • blast cleaning of metal surfaces and painting of rolling stock;
  • cleaning of rail tank wagons and road tankers after the transport of inorganic chemical products;
  • maintenance and repair of railway tracks;
  • major and ad hoc repairs on excavators and bulldozers;
  • metalwork, welding and machining.

Grupa Azoty Koltar sp. z o.o.’s commercial operations include:

  • sale of diesel;
  • sale of decommissioned goods wagons.