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Grupa Azoty delegates to address the global food and energy security issues at the World Economic Forum in Davos
Grupa Azoty delegates to address the global food and energy security issues at the World Economic Forum in Davos
Grupa Azoty will be making its debut at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, participating in the event as an Industry Partner.

Paweł Jarczewski, President of the Grupa Azoty Management Board, and Krzysztof Jałosiński, the Board’s Vice-President, will speak about key issues of global food and energy security.

Participation in the Forum gives the Grupa Azoty delegates an opportunity to network with the experts coming to the event, as well as to access invaluable data and research that may play a key role in strategic decision-making at the international level.

President Paweł Jarczewski and Vice-President Krzysztof Jałosiński will take part in selected plenary sessions and meetings with representatives of the world of politics and business leaders to discuss areas of cooperation in agriculture, food and energy safety, and sustainable development.“We are proud to be part of the World Economic Forum. This cements our position as a company which has gained global recognition without compromising its unique Central Eur

“We want to grow our business in Europe and beyond. The World Economic Forum provides an excellent platform for sharing best industry practices and offers an opportunity to join in the debate on the most pressing global issues. As a representative of one of the largest Polish businesses, I am most looking forward to the debate on how the Ukraine crisis is likely to affect food and energy security in the region. I would also like to talk about how the Polish experience in economic reform and development could be relevant to the implementation of sustainable development goals worldwide,” Mr Jarczewski added.

“Building on the experience gained from the successful consolidation process, Grupa Azoty continues to expand internationally. We are consolidating our position at the forefront of the European chemical and fertilizer market. Davos is a perfect place to explore opportunities for collaboration with international partners,” noted Krzysztof Jałosiński, Grupa Azoty Vice President for Strategy and Development.