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Appointment of Grupa Azoty Management Board for a new term of office
Appointment of Grupa Azoty Management Board for a new term of office
On Friday, January 9th 2015, the Supervisory Board passed a resolution appointing members of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A. for the new 10th term of office.

The new Management Board will comprise Paweł Jarczewski as President of the Board and Krzysztof Jałosiński, Marek Kapłucha, Marian Rybak, Andrzej Skolmowski and Witold Szczypiński as Vice-Presidents of the Board. The Supervisory Board resolution takes effect on February 20th 2015. 

As the mandate of Artur Kopeć, the Management Board member elected by employees, expires upon commencement of the Board's new term of office, at today's meeting the Supervisory Board resolved to launch a procedure to elect a new employee representative to the Management Board for a new joint term of office, and appointed a Central Election Committee, including its Chairman, to administer the election. 

The Supervisory Board recognises a management model in which all key companies should have their representatives on the Grupa Azoty Management Board. Therefore, the Supervisory Board will issue a favourable opinion on the Management Board's proposal to amend the Company's Articles of Association and increase the number of Management Board members when it is presented at the next Annual General Meeting. This change will ensure that the Group's key companies which contribute the most to creating its potential, Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. in particular, are properly represented on the Management Board.