Organisational divisions


Operation and Forwarding Department
  • shunting operations on the railway siding of Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Mościcach S.A.
  • management of railway infrastructure
  • provision of traction vehicles
  • sale of diesel oil (fuelling station adapted to serve locomotives and road vehicles)
  • weighing rail freight shipments

Licensed Transport and Marketing Section
  • transporting cargo by rail
  • providing traction services

Infrastructure Maintenance Unit
  • track repairs and maintenance


Repairs and Unloading Department
  • rental of rolling stock
  • operational maintenance, emergency repairs, periodic inspections and time based maintenance of freight wagons
  • repairs and supervisory inspections of rail tank wagons of Class 3, Class 6.1 and Class 8 according to RID, confirmed with acceptance by the Transport Technical Authority Inspector
  • vapour blasting cleaning
  • painting of rolling stock
  • washing rail tank wagons and road tankers after carriage of inorganic chemical products
  • loading and unloading of rail wagons and road vehicles
  • overhauls and ongoing repairs of heavy diggers and bulldozers
  • locksmithing, blacksmithing, welding and machining

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