Type of business

Licensed transport:

  • comprehensive services in carriage of goods with unloading
  • licensed transport by rail
  • dispatching of rail freight shipments
  • rental of diesel locomotives and traction teams

Rolling stock repairs and maintenance:
  • operational maintenance and emergency repairs, periodic inspections and time based maintenance of P3, P4, P5 freight wagons
  • time based maintenance of tank wagon tanks used to transport Class 3, Class 6.1 and Class 8 dangerous goods according to RID 
  • inspection and reprofiling of wheelsets
  • vapour blasting cleaning
  • painting of steel surfaces

Railway siding management:
  • comprehensive management of railway sidings
  • shunting services on Grupa Azoty S.A. railway siding:
  • receiving and dispatching rail freight shipments of various commodities, equipment, materials and fuels
  • loading and unloading of rail wagons
  • preparing transport documentation

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