Trade name: PULGRAN®
Chemical name: UREA (NH2)2CO

Unit: Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY

Product description

PULGRAN® is an advanced nitrogen fertilizer rotoformed into hemispherical pastilles free from any mechanical impurities.
Total amide nitrogen (N): 46% 
Biuret: no more than 1.2%
Grain size distribution: 3–5 mm, min. 90%

Intended use and application

PULGRAN® is a universal fertilizer designed for use with all field crops, amenity grassland, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, fruit bushes, ornamental plants, and lawns. The product can be used on all soil types except highly acidic, alkaline or freshly limed soils. 
A single dosage of PULGRAN® should not exceed 250 kg/ha.

Premium – for demanding and innovative farmers. Particularly useful for application using spreaders with wide working widths. Distribution widths of 24–36 metres can be achieved with proper vane angling and spout positioning.
PULGRAN® works well with centrifugal spreaders and causes no blockages. 


  • Larger granules than in traditional urea preparations, enabling easy mixing with fertilizers of similar grain-size distribution and bulk density.
  • Can be used for presowing and top dressing treatment.
  • Perfect for distribution along wide paths.
  • Wider spread pattern than in regular prilled urea (according to research by the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering in Poznań).
  • Uniform distribution across the field.

Packaging and transport:
PULGRAN® comes in:
  • 25 kg net weight polyethylene bags,
  • 500 kg and 600 kg net weight big-bag elastic containers with a single loop and a polyethylene insert,
  • 500 kg and 600 kg net weight big-bag elastic containers with four loops,
  • in bulk on rail cars or motor vehicles.

The product must be covered during transport.
The product is not subject to RID or ADR regulations.


Store in a clean and dry warehouse or stacked under an open-sided shelter:
  • 25 kg polyethylene bags – 12 layers, 
  • big-bags up to 500 kg – 3 layers,
  • big-bags above 500 kg – 2 layers.
In bulk, PULGRAN® should be stored in heaps in roofed warehouse buildings.
For information on how to use, secure and store the product, see label on the packaging. 


Sales information: Fertilizers Export Sales Department

phone: +48 81 565 31 59

fax: +48 81 565 31 17



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